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標題: 熱誤差補償單板控制技術
The Application of Single Chip Technology on Thermal Error Compensation
作者: 賴維民
Lai, Wei-Ming
關鍵字: Thermal error;熱誤差;Real time compensation;Shift the zero point;即時補償;原點漂移
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The thermal problem has always been a main reason influencing the tool machine precision. As the stability of the tool machine precision is being required severely day by day, in recent years, developing the effective and reliable thermal error technology is necessary of the tool machine. This research builds a thermal error compensation system of spindle thermal error.

First, measuring the experiment data by un-virtual cutting and virtual cutting for collecting temperature position order and trigger probe (TS27R) position shift data. Next, multiplying regression method to establish a thermal predict model.

8051 single chip logic circuits was used to write the software procedure in assembly language which based on compensating and estimating models, expecting to develop a less-consumptive, higher-efficient and lower-cost compensation model in this research that mainly deal with compensating the operation of model and communicating with CNC controller. In order to achieve the goal of reducing the thermal error, the way in which shifted the zero point of the machine coordinate system from the external PMC card, the compensation will be input to the controller.
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