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標題: 數位宅修服務滿意度與推廣績效之研究—以個案公司為例
作者: 劉錫昌
Liu, Simon
關鍵字: computer;電腦;service;satisfactory;future;system;after;服務;滿意度;網際網路
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班

Because of the popularization of internet in 21st century, the price of IT product is getting more transparent .The IT product is facing the high competition and low margin age, and furthermore the sales channels are being diversified. As a result, most computer retailers and distributors are becoming more profit-orientated. They have to increase their sales amount to get the much margin. In order to reduce the expense of personnel matters and eliminate the uncertainty of service, they are not willing to provide whole service after sale and maintenances. This research discusses the case study of a firm which provides innovative on-site maintenance service, business performance after running the on-site service for a year and the customer satisfaction survey of customer who have used the service in the past year. It could indicate the key point that would influence customer satisfactory degree and the willing of reuse. The firm in this case study can examine the demands of IT product maintenance service in the market for future reference and improve its operating system of the on-site maintenance service for next years.
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