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標題: 台灣電信市場自由化對中華電信經營績效影響之研究—以平衡計分卡作為績效衡量之工具
The Influence of Telecommunication Liberalization in Taiwan upon the Operational Performance of Chunghwa Telecom-Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Measuring Tool Chunghwa Telecom-Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Measuring Tool
作者: 陳世勇
Chen, Shyh-Yung
關鍵字: Telecommunication Liberalization;電信自由化;Operational Performance;The Balanced Scorecard;Chunghwa Telecom;經營績效;平衡計分卡;中華電信
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班

After 1980, the liberalization of telecommunication business has gradually become a worldwide trend. The object of the trend is to introduce competition in order to promote better service. The Telecommunication liberalization in Taiwan begins to connect with the trend of global liberalization since 1996 when three kinds of law of telecommunication were announced. Under the impact of the liberalization trend, the business environment of Chunghwa Telecom changes drastically—from a dominator to a competitor of telecommunication resources, from a price-maker to a price-receiver, from the beneficiary of the protection provided by the monopoly to the undertaker of risk which results from the competition. This research aims at measuring the influence of liberalization upon the operational performance of Chunghwa Telecom by using the Balanced Scorecard. Furthermore, this research also aims at examining the driving forces behind the influence and at evaluating the future trend of the operational performance of Chunghwa Telecom.
The research comes to the conclusion that telecommunication liberalization in Taiwan pushes the adaptation and development of the operational strategy ,then promotes the operational performance of Chunghwa Telecom, but simultaneously leads its employees to become anxious about their future rights. This research suggests that Chunghwa Telecom should take advantage of its edge early to open new markets and use its integrated resources to develop synthetic marketing. Additionally, Chunghwa Telecom should communicate sincerely with its employees to proceed smoothly to privatization.
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