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標題: 供應鏈夥伴關係之研究∼以鋼鐵棒線加工業為例∼
A Case Study of Partnership of Supply Chain ~ Steel wire and Steel bar industry ~
作者: 吳秀霞
Wu, Hsiu-Hsia
關鍵字: supply chain;供應鏈;partnership;steel industry;夥伴關係;鋼鐵產業
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
■ 上下游公司之合作目的與利益
■ 上下游如何建立協同關係
■ 上下游之間必須有哪些關係活動

In the 21st century nowadays, the supply chain has totally been the main resource of business competitive advantages, and enhanced to strategic side from operation side. Supply chain management is a continuingly evolutionary management philosophy; it aims to look for the productivity ability between internal corporation and all channel partners, combining the resources to be a high competitive and enrichment customer supply system. As demand is expanding in global market, manufactories in China also have advantages of land and manpower in hand; it not only could do low price competition, but expand high added value product lines actively. Under such strict competition environment, it should be an important issue to every industries that how to strengthen the supply chain management; construct partner relationship between upstream and downstream; increase end-customer satisfaction, and make upstream and downstream cooperate to achieve vertical integration effect.
Taiwan steel industry has entered in maturity stage; it must face with international raw materials deficiency, steel industries in other countries integrating, strategy alliance, China market blooming up, the government around the world are protected by anti-dumping and new technical development, etc. Steel industry is the foundation of national infrastructure and industry development; wire rod manufactory is not only the key production of steel industry, but also links deeply and widely to related industries, which are small and medium-sized enterprises that exist in central and south area for many decades. In order to increase customer's high responsibility, strengthening client relationship, expanding market share, and consolidating market competition. Thus, we're going to study the supply chain management of steel and wire rod industry.
◎ Co-operation purpose and benefit of upstream and downstream companies
◎ How to establish co-ordination relationship between upstream and downstream companies.
◎ Which relationship activities that upstream and downstream must have?
◎ How Wire rod product manufacturer strengthen competition and earn the best benefit through partner relationship.
It divides into three stages in the research process; the first stage is to set up the overall research direction, including bringing up research motivation, purpose and literature and industry analysis. The second stage is to build up the research structure. The third stage is about research execution, including conducting in-depth interview to representative clients, secondary data collection, analysis, and examination, and find out the conclusion and suggestion.
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