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標題: P2P網路之可追蹤與公平交易的數位權管理機制
A Traceable and Fair Transaction Mechanism for Digital Rights Management on P2P Networks
作者: 林奕如
Lin, Yi-Ju
關鍵字: Peer-to-Peer networks;點對點網路;digital rights management;information security;數位權利管理;資訊安全
出版社: 資訊管理學系所
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在現行的應用中,分散式之Peer-to-Peer (P2P) 網路解決了傳統Client-server架構下檔案伺服器頻寬有限的問題,成為檔案分享的主。然而,也因為P2P網路之成熟,許多未經授權的檔案藉由其快速散佈於網際網路上,使得盜版問題嚴重地傷害數位內容擁有者應得的智慧財產權益。因此,Digital Rights Management (DRM) 技術便逐漸成形,但典型之DRM系統大都設計於Client-server架構下使用,難以應用於P2P網路。雖有學者提出應用於P2P網路之DRM保護機制,但因P2P網路便於快速分享數位內容以及下載節點可同時扮演上傳節點等特性,其成效有限。此外,在P2P網路中,Freerider問題日漸嚴重,許多使用者從其他節點下載檔案卻限制上傳頻寬不願意提供分享,使得P2P的分享精神逐漸式微,而此問題也會造成網路頻寬的使用效率降低。

In recent years, more and more people use Internet and with the improvements of communication technology, information-sharing trends has surged over Internet. Although the number of digital files which are transmitted on Internet has rapidly grown, most of the Internet environments haven't implemented an effective mechanism to prevent unauthorized file distribution. Therefore, we must propose an effective, secure, and fair transaction platform for file sharing.
Peer-to-peer networks have become the main stream of file-sharing platform by means of its distribution features to overcome the bottleneck problem in traditional client-server architecture. However, many digital contents, such as e-books, which do not get permission to be copied or delivered, are privately spread by uploading to servers or P2P networks. The piracy issue seriously hurts license owners'' deserved profits and potential market. For this reason, digital rights management (DRM) is considered as a general preventive measure to avoid copyright infringement. However, a conventional DRM system is only suitable for client-server architecture, and its implementation on distributed P2P network would be quite difficult. Although some researchers have proposed some systems combining DRM with P2P network, the effect is limited. For constructing a reliable transaction platform, we construct a DRM mechanism which combines traceable and protecting DRM mechanism.
This research plans to develop a novel traceable and fair transaction mechanism which not against the sharing purpose of P2P networks and protecting digital rights of digital contents.
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