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標題: Francis水輪機尾管穴蝕特性之研究
Study on Cavitation Characteristics in Francis Turbine Draft-Tube
作者: 余培華
Yih, Per-Wha
關鍵字: hydraulic turbine;水輪機;cavitation;spectra;穴蝕;頻譜
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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This study focuses on the cavitation detection in the draft tube of hydraulic turbines. One seismic transducers is installed on the 67MW and the other on the draft tube of a 105MW prototype Francis turbine to measure the structural vibration for ten varying loads. The signal is proceses via FFT and wavelet to analyze the spectra and the time-frequency characteristics. In additions, sorting the data from new Tienlun、Maan and Shihlin hydropower test records of Taiwan power company can help to illustrate the experimental results.
The experimental results show that:(1)The cavitation detected in the draft tube is caused by three different flow conditions from the runner impeller outlet. While the machine operates at low load , massive bubbles are produced. The Karman vortex cavitation is formed when operated at the middle load the middle load.And at high load, no obvious cavitation is observed. Their characteristic frequencies are concentrated around 3KHz with a frequency band ranging within 1 KHz ~5 KHz.(2)The signal frequency ranged within 300Hz~500 Hz is probably caused by the period pressure pulse induced at the runner outlets.(3)when operating around 40%~80% full load ,the period pressure pulse is significantly induced by the swirl at draft tube.(4)Not only the amount of purged air and the length of air-supply pipe can leviate the strength of swirl at the draft tube.Meanwhile but they will also lead to series cavitation at low loads, .On the other hand, if the air-supply pipe is stalled below the runner cone, the cavitation at the low load will be largely improved.However this will also induce the more turbulent flow in draft tube,which may cause serious vortex and cavitation in the wake of the air- supply pipe.

Keywords:hydraulic turbine , cavitation , spectra
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