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標題: 引擎正時鏈條系統動態模擬分析
Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of the Engine Timing Chain System
作者: 林浩瑋
Lin, Hao-Wei
關鍵字: Timing Chain System;正時鏈條系統;Inverted Tooth Chain;Tensioner;反齒形鏈條;張力器
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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自十九世紀末發明汽車以來,如今車輛已成為人類主要的代步工具之ㄧ。而車輛引擎發展至今,無非是在動力輸出、振動、噪音等處有所要求,在這其中,負責引擎裡動力傳輸和正時的鏈條系統佔著相當重要的一環。通常用於引擎鏈條系統的鏈條為滾子鏈條(Roller Chain)或反齒形鏈條(Inverted Tooth Chain),其中由於反齒形鏈條在片形和構形上的特殊設計,使得其相對於滾子鏈條,不論是在動力傳輸的效率、剛性、噪音、振動等方面,都有著更為優化的性能,故此構件在現今汽車引擎中,已漸漸成為使用主流。

Since the invention of car at the end of the 19th century, Vehicles have already become major tool of transportation for mankind. Most progress of automotive engine is focus on power output, vibrations and noises, etc. The timing chain system inside the engine is a very important device because it is responsible for power transmission and timing. Roller chain or inverted tooth chain is commonly used in the engine chain system. Due to its special designs in shape and structure, inverted tooth chain has more superior performance than roller chain in power transmission, stiffness, noise, and vibration. Therefore, inverted tooth chain have been gradually become the mainstream.
In this thesis, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technology is used for the dynamic analysis of the timing chain system of vehicle engine. Force and motion of each part in the chain system is analyzed. Also the relationship between engine speed and stiffness and damping of tensioner is discussed. The possible position of maximum vibration in the chain system has been indicated. Hope the process of this analysis and result can be a reference or guide for designer.
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