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標題: 移氣閥式史特靈引擎性能模擬分析與量測。
Analysis and Measurement of the Performance of the Displacer Type Stirling Engine.
作者: 黃仲雍
關鍵字: Stirling Engine;史特靈
出版社: 機械工程學系

This research uses a LTD stirling engine to manufacture the engine and measure a correct pressure value. We establish a measurement and data collect equipment, analyze and calculate the data. The parameter of this experiment is to change the temperature of the heater. And we measure the pressure and rotational speed of the engine.
And we use C language to build a program to analyze the performance of the stirling engine base on thermodynamic. Then, we compare the experiment data and the result of the simulation. Finally, we build the CAD and mesh to compare the data by using CFD software “FLUENT”.
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