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標題: 化學機械研磨過程引致積層晶片電感器表面移除率與不均勻性探討
Investigation Of Surface Removal Rate And Non-Uniformity For Multilayer chip Inductor During The CMP Process
作者: 張達強
Chang, Ta-Chiang
關鍵字: Taguchi method;田口方法;Surface Characteristics;Optimum Combination of working Parameters;研磨表面特性;最佳控制因子組合
出版社: 機械工程學系

The surface defects and the non-uniformity of surface planarization found during the fabrication process of chemical mechanical polishing are investigated in the present paper. The method of cause and effect diagrams is firstly employed to analyze the main features of the bad products. The proper controlling manufacturing parameters in accordance with the rules of the Taguchi method is then determined which may be used to produce the optimum surface characteristics of IC chips. Six controlling parameters, including the grinding time, the grinding speed, the loading, the particle size, the slurry concentration and the slurry flowing speed are used in the experiments.
The Taguchi method shows that the optimum working levels of the controlling parameters can be adequately determined by the average value and the standard deviation of the experimental data obtained from the CMP process. The optimum combination of working parameters used to obtain the proper removing rate and the non-uniformity of the grinding surface can also be obtained through the S/N ratio analysis.
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