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標題: 含電路的整合型濕度微感測器之製作
Fabrication of a Integrated Humidity Sensor with Readout Circuits
作者: 翁祥益
Weng, Hsiang-Yi
關鍵字: Humidity sensor;濕度感測器;MEMS;Polyimide;Ring oscillator;微機電系統;聚醯亞胺;環狀振盪器
出版社: 機械工程學系

This paper reports a novel integrated humidity sensor. The humidity sensor integrates a readout circuit and a heater. The industrial standard CMOS process is employed to fabricate the integrated humidity sensor. The device has merits of low cost and high accurate. The humidity sensor consists of interdigital electrodes covered by a polyimide sensitive layer. The sensing principle of the sensor is based on the dielectric constant change of vapor-adsorbent polyimide thin film. The readout circuit that is a ring oscillator circuit can change the sensing capacitance into the resonant frequency output. The heater provides a temperature that is higher than the ambient temperature so that the ring oscillator circuit is not influence by influenced by the ambient. The sensor integrated with the readout circuit can reduce signal drift and loss. The humidity sensor has a heater, which can improve the response time of the device. Experimental results showed that the resonant frequency of the device changed from 51.30MHz to 45.02MHz at the relative humidity of 25~95%.
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