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標題: 電力能源產業之價值創造與管理 ─以台電公司為例
Value Creation and Management of Electric Power Industry -A Case Study of Taiwan Power Company
作者: 傅兆寶
Fu, Chao-Pao
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
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Electric power industry is the basic in all industries and the development of industry is very important to living. However, Electric power industry bent on free competition tendency that could be change the value of the industry in future. This paper attempts to discuss the value of Taiwan Power Company in electric power industry. Applying case study method, this paper collects the Taiwan Power Company to evaluate business value. First of all, in order to catch on a company profile, we assembled industrial data, and then compiling outside and inside operating information to find out external opportunities and threats, as well as internal superiorities and inferiorities. Second, we acquired financial reports to understand the financial situation. Finally, gathering all information and completed the evaluation.

This paper used three different estimates to calculate , and found that company's per share stock price lies in between NT$24 and NT$26. In order to promote valuation, we suggested that the company should reduce operating expenses. To such an extent as to increase competitive advantages, create the higher value in competitive market.
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