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標題: 交談式滾珠螺帽NC程式碼之產生
Interactive NC Code Generation for Ball Screw Nuts
作者: 許鴻明
Hsu, Hong Ming
關鍵字: Feature Parameter;特徵參數;Interactive Module;NC Code Generation;Ball Screw Nut;Interference Elimination;交談式模組;NC碼產生;滾珠螺帽;干涉排除
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文之目的在於發展一套交談式NC(Numerical Control)碼自動產生模組,可由特徵參數輸入而自動獲得某滾珠導螺桿(Ball Screw)之螺帽(Nut)在特定加工機器之對應NC碼。此模組針對滾珠導螺桿中的螺帽、螺桿(Screw Bolt)部份在各機型之中,其所需NC碼做自動產生及檔案處理。使NC碼之製作及圖檔、NC程式及機器間的配合管理更有效率。
此模組是透過對話盒的方式,輸入圖號及版次,機型自動附加,以建立易於辨識之NC程式檔名。透過下拉式視窗,點選該機型可進行之加工型態,輸入該加工型態的特徵參數(Feature Parameters)及加工條件。最後即可自動的產生各機型上的NC碼,並且配合該圖的長檔名格式。

The objective of this thesis is to develop an interactive system module for automatic generation of NC code. For specific NC machines, the corresponding NC code of certain ball screw nuts can be obtained through the inputs of feature parameters. Adjusted to different configurations of machine types, the module is able to handle the generation of NC code and the processing of file management. The management between drawing files, NC code production, coordination of NC programs and machines becomes very effective and efficient.
Through dialogue boxes, users enter the name and version for a drawing. With an automatic appended machine type, an easily identified file name for the NC code is established. On pull-down menu, clicking on a machine type, feature parameters of the corresponding machining pattern and the machining conditions are entered. The NC code on each machine type which matches the long name format of the drawing can be generated.
Furthemore, the program checks the values of the input parameters for constraints of machining processes, geometric and spacing conditions, such that the possible interfering conditions are eliminated. The machining conditions for each feature, such as bead diameter, diameters of tube and spiral hole, are established in advance.
Through clicking and selecting, the identifiable NC code can be automatically generated. On the output text file, which includes geometric feature parameters, can be used for re-examination avoiding errors from input process and assuring that correct NC code is generated. Feature parameters also can be changed to generate new NC code.
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