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標題: 球面干涉檢驗之研究
Interferometric Testing of Spherical Surface
作者: 周佳嶙
Zhou, Jia-Lin
關鍵字: Interferometry;干涉;Phase-Shifting;Phase-Unwrapping;Spherica measurement;相位移;相位展開;球面量測
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this paper, a Mirau interferometer and phase-shifting interferometry are used for measuring a spherical surface. Parallel ray will be focused on the center of a sphere when it passes through a Mirau objective, then the beam which is reflected from spherical surface can be seem to come from the center of the spherical surface. This objective beam will interfere with reference beam which is reflected from reference surface in Mirau objective. If the lens that with high numerical aperature is selected, the measurement range will be increased. Compare with traditional touch probe measurement method, the interference method has large measurement range and short measurement time.
Almost all existing phase-shifting algorithms are based on the assumption that phase-shifting at all pixel of the intensity frame is equal and known. However, it may be very diffcult to achieve this case in practive. Moreover, when measuring a spherical surface, the phase-shifting along optical axis and off-axis will be related with cosine function. Hence, the phase-shifting on the test surface will display nonuniform distribution. This nonuniform phase-shifting distribution can be used by five-step phase-shifting algorithms with unknown values of phase-shifting which is similarly to Carre technique to complete phase shifting and phase calculation on the spherical surface.
Due to the test surface is a spherical surface, therefore when phase-shifting is calculated, these values can be used as curve fitting method for fitting all values that conform to real phase-shifting on spherical surface. According to these phase-shifting values, which are fitted, and geometric relation, we can calculate measurement position of all points on spherical surface.
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