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標題: 氣壓水箭飛行動力之數值分析
Numerical Analysis of Flight Dynamics for Gas-Ptessurized Waterjet Rocket
作者: 邱智宏
Chiu, Chih-Hong
關鍵字: waterjet rocket;氣壓水箭;generalized power equations;intergrated Energy Method;通化總動力功率;能量積分法
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘 要

For a waterjet rocket, many parameters, such as the internal pressure, the shell mass, the air/water proportion, the size and shape of nozzle, all can affect the flight apex. In this research, the flight dynamic of waterjet rocket is analyzed by solving the momentum and the generalized power equation simultaneously to predict its flight histogram, computationally, and convolutionally. This integrated energy approach synthesizes both internal and external dynamics analysis together and elegantly takes full advantage of predictable power supply of the pressurized air in a waterjet rocket. Moreover, for better prediction of flight apex, the effect of pure air expulsion post waterjet is generally considered, too. The analysis results are reasonably agreeable with experimental flight data. By this way, we can arbitrarily change parameters to analysze the corresponding effects on flight apexes. For example, waterjet rocket cannot attain an optimal apex if its shell mass is either too heavy, or too light. Comparatively, the waterjet rocket is characterized by simplicity, environmental friendliness, interest, and minimal cost. Herein, we make use of generalized total kinetic power equation, which involves more physical parameters and effects to be manipulated. Hence waterjet rocket is a good model for propulsion analysis, experiment and education, due to abundance of very easily adjustable key parameters. Incidentally, the waterjet may have the potential as the power source for short-rang missile, say, antitank missile with absolutely no smoke to be detected. In conclusion, for a waterjet rocket as a potential and versatile propulsion model this research establishes a gracefully analysis and design foundation for its flight dynamics.
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