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標題: 智慧型端銑監控系統
The Intelligent On-Line Monitoring System in End Milling
作者: 周坤瑋
Chow, Kun-Wei
關鍵字: Tool Monitoring System;刀具監控系統;Spindle Motor Load;On-Line;Tool wear;Tool Breakage;主軸馬達負載;線上;刀具磨耗;刀具斷裂
出版社: 機械工程學系
中 文 摘 要
本研究所發展的系統應用於模具的粗切削中有良好的成效,有效地在刀具斷刀與過渡磨耗之前進行攔截,並以DNC連線方式送出換刀或停機NC Code,以避免造成更大的損失。

The development of on-line cutter monitoring system of CNC machine must give consideration to not only effect, but also cost.
In this paper, a low cost technique is developed to get the spindle motor load. With rewriting the PMC ladder diagram in CNC controller, need not any extra sensors. We can monitor cutting state rapidly by several knowledge rules, which defined by experiments.
The effect of the application in the monitoring system that established in this paper to the rough cutting of mold is excellent. When cutting tool breakage and wear, the system will effective to intercept mill process, and sent out change tool or stop NC code by DNC in order to avoid more damage.
A graphic user interface system is built to conduct the user friendly operation interface. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) framework can easily expand system capability.
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