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標題: 漫步平台製作與探討
Manufacturing and discussion of the locomotion platform
作者: 楊坤和
Yang, Kun-Ho
關鍵字: Virtual Reality;虛擬實境;Simulator;Locomotion Platform;模擬訓練;漫步平台
出版社: 機械工程學系

The virtual reality technology widely used on professional training system in the recently years. In most training simulator, there are two types of platform. One of them is named “motion platform”, the operator should sit in the control seat and indicate the control signal to order the motion platform by hand and or foot only. With the operation of the motion platform, it can achieve the effect of practical statement of training purpose. For example: the actual movie simulator, fly simulator…etc. The other simulator is designed as “walking platform”, for simulating the practical walking action by the trainee and operator, the simulating instrument has been called “locomotion platform”. For Example: running simulator. But for simulating walk situations, the most commercial products only have forward and/or backward functions. It is far away from real 360 degrees directions.
The purpose of this thesis is improve the project which is based on the 360 degrees locomotion platform from “Institute Of Occupational Safety & Health” which has researched and developed in 2001. Let the trainee can ramble on the locomotion simulator by 360 degrees as his pleases to be helpfully to apply on the simulating training of walking action. The main emphasis of the improvement are : (1) stability of the mechanical construction of the two-layer belt,(2) accuracy of the displacement movement, (3) improving the support base is the key purpose of redesign and manufacture, No matter any walking direction, the mechanical design and manufacture need to be completely controlled and achieved by the operator's indicating order. The controlling technical of motor can achieve the 360 degrees locomotion platform and be controlled within the confined space. In other words, the operator will be moved back to the center of locomotion platform by the two active motors even he indicates the order to go any direction. Therefore, the actual walking distance will just always have one foot away from the center of locomotion platform by the accurate controlled of the instrument motor.
The principal of redesign and manufacturing technical of our institution could be widely adopted and used on many others related purpose, such as: military training course, entertainment, sporting training and rehabilitation.
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