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標題: 米酒粕添加對乳牛泌乳性能之影響
Effect of Dried Rice Distillers' Grain Supplementation on the Performance of Lactating Cows
作者: 黃憲榮
Huang, Hsing-Juang
關鍵字: Dried Rice Distillers' Grain;米酒粕;Lactating Cows;Performance;乳牛;泌乳性能
出版社: 畜牧學系
選取 24頭泌乳初期平均650㎏體重、29㎏乳量之荷蘭牛,完全逢機分成
三組,每組 各別給飼不同處理之飼糧。試驗日糧以試驗牛群性能為基
礎,依NRC (1989)之 乳牛營養標準配製而成 一、對照, 二、添加10%
米酒粕, 三、添加20%米酒粕 之三種等蛋白質等能量飼糧。經一週預
備試驗後,進行八週飼養試驗。為促進其 適口性,後四週於全部飼糧添
加糖蜜。同時另以三頭瘤胃開窗牛進行測定餵飼三 種完全混合飼糧之瘤
胃性狀。 試驗結果顯
米酒粕 組之乾物質採食量,於未添加糖蜜期間,顯著高於添加20%米酒粕
組(P<0.05)。 乳成分含量方面,乳脂肪及無脂乳固形物含量,20%米酒
粕組均顯著較其他二組 低(P<0.05)。在乳蛋白質含量,20%米酒粕組顯
著(P<0.05)較10%米酒粕組低。 而與對照組並無顯著差異(P>0.05)。乳
蛋白質及能量生產總效率三組中,以20% 米酒粕組最差(P<0.05)。泌乳
牛在試驗期間內之體重改變比率及血清尿素氮濃度 ,在處理間並無顯著
差異(P>0.05)。而牛乳尿素氮濃度,於20%米酒粕組顯著高 於其他二組(
顯著較 其他二組低(P<0.05)。

Effects of Dried Rice Distillers Grain Supplementation
on the Performance of Lactating Cows
Hsing-Juang Huang
The aim of this study was to evaluate the nutritive value of
dried rice distillers grain(DRDG) as part of the concentration
for lactating cows. Twenty-four Holstein milking
cows were selected in early lactation with an average weight
of 650Kg, producing average 29kg milk daily. The cows were
divided randomly into three groups that were
given different mixed rations. The trial rations were
based on the experiment for cow group performance. The diet
was formulated according to the NRC(1989)'s recommendation; (1)
control diet (2) 10% DRDG diet and (3) 20% DRDG
diet. Three different dietary treatment diets were
formulated into iso-nitrogens and iso-energetic. After a 1
week of acclaimation period, the experimental feeding period
lasted for 8 weeks. For the purpose of promoting
palatability, molasses was added to all diets after
four weeks. Three canulated cows were examined in order to
investigate ruminal fermentation for three total rations.The
results indicated that milk yield and 4% fat corrected
milk for the control and the 10% DRDG groups were
higher than the 20% DRDG group(P<0.05). Daily feed intake also
showed a similar trend(P<0.05). However, during the period
without the molasses addition, the daily feed
intake of the 10% DRDG group was higher than the 20%
group (P<0.05). With respect to the milk composition (milk fat
and no fat solid), the 20% DRDG group was lower than the other
two groups(P<0.05). Milk protein , the 20%
DRDG group was lower than the 10% DRDG group, but
with 10% DRDG group were no different (P>0.05).The
protein and energy efficiency of the group of 20% DRDG was lower
than the other two groups(P<0.05). During the
experimental period, body weight change and serum
urea nitrogen concentration were no different among the
treatments groups(P>0.05). The milk urea nitrogen concentration
for the 20% DRDG group was higher than the other two
groups(P<0.05). Ruminal pH value and amonia-
nitrogen concentrations were no different between
treatments (P>0.05).The concentrations of ruminal volatile fatty
acid and acetic acid to propionic acid ratio were
significantly lower for the cows treated with 20% DRDG group
than the other two groups(P<0.05).
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