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標題: 含熱變形旋轉環形板振動之探討
Studies of Vibration of Thermally Deformed Rotating Annular Plates
作者: 許克銘
Hsu, Ke-Ming
關鍵字: Thermal;熱變形;Vibration;Annular Plates;振動;環形板
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本文主要目的為建立描述含熱變形旋轉環形板之線性振動之有限元素模式,並利用它分析不同溫度分佈對環形板的振動頻率以及其動態響應的影響。文中採用一簡單高階位移場理論,首先,考慮蒙卡門(von Karman)應變,導出板應變能的變分,並採用每個節點有七個自由度的等參四邊形九點元素。其次,利用先前已建立之旋轉圓盤之有限元素運動方程,將其中的慣性項視為外力的一部分,求出這些慣性力與外力對板所做的虛功,再採用虛功原理,推導出分析板熱大變形與定轉速下含熱變形環形板之線性振動等兩組有限元素方程。振動分析模式中也納入了旋轉對環形板造成的離心力所產生的加勁效應。
分析時首先應用牛頓-雷甫森疊代法(Newton-Raphson method) 求解靜熱變形之非線性有限元素方程,計算出因溫度變化時板之熱變形。其次,利用模態法(modal method)分析板的振動問題。於實例中,分別考慮等向性單層板和複材對稱疊層板,分析它們的熱變形、振動頻率、動態位移響應,並探討因離心力所提高板平面的拉伸勁度和不同的溫度場變化時,對系統頻率的影響。

The objective of this thesis is to investigate the vibration frequencies and dynamic responses of spinning annular plates subject to thermal loads. A simple higher-order displacement theory is used. First, by adopting the von Karman partially nonlinear strains, the variation of the strain energy of plates is derived. The plate elements being used is the nine-node isoparametric quadrilateral 2D element. Next, use is made of the finite element governing equations of the rotating annular plate established earlier. The inertial terms in above equations are treated as forcing terms, and the virtual work done by these inertial forces as well as external forces is obtained. Finally, using the principle of virtual work, two sets of governing equations, one being used to determine the plate's thermal deformation, and the other for analyzing the vibration of thermally deformed rotating annular plates, are derived. In the vibration analysis, the geometric stiffness due to the centrifugal forces is also included.
For analysis, first, Newton-Raphson method is used to solve the first set of nonlinear governing equations to obtain the static thermal deformation of plates. Next, the modal method is applied to solve vibration problem. Both plates made of isotropic materials and unidirectional reinforced composite materials are considered. Their thermal deformation, vibration frequencies, and dynamic responses are studied. The influence of the temperature distribution and geometric stiffness due to the centrifugal force effect are illustrated.
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