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標題: 種豬記錄管理與系譜追查系統
A System of Records Management and Pedigree Tracing for Breeding Pigs
作者: 張心蓉
Chang, Hsin-Jung
關鍵字: Breeding pigs;種豬;Records management;Pedigree tracing;記錄管理;系譜追查
出版社: 畜產學系
本軟體係以Visual Foxpro 6.0程式語言撰寫而成,並採用Windows中文作業系統。本系統分成種公豬記錄管理、種母豬記錄管理、系譜追查、報表列印、工作通報、統計分析及系統預設值修改等七部分。種公豬記錄包括種公豬之品種耳號、卡號、位置、來源、出生日期、乳頭數目、父畜、母畜、淘汰日期及淘汰原因等基本資料。種母豬記錄包括種母豬之基本資料(與種公豬同),配種、分娩與離乳各階段之記錄,各胎次之配種情形及防疫驅蟲記錄。系譜追查系統可依所輸入之種豬品種耳號向上延伸出其系譜之資料,由此可明瞭該頭種豬之血統來源,藉以作為選拔之依據。

The purpose of this study was to develop a system of records management and pedigree tracing for breeding pigs, and to assist farm manager to handle the daily works and trace the pedigree of a breeding pig. It could also act as a basis to evaluate the reproductive performance of breeding pigs.
This system was written in Visual Foxpro 6.0 programming language based on the Windows operation system. The system was divided into seven parts concerning records management of breeding boars and breeding sows, pedigree tracing system, reports print, working reports, statistic analysis and stystem defaults editing. The records management system of breeding boars included basic records of breed, ear no., card no., location, source, date of birth, number of teats, sire, dam, culling date, and culling reasons of breeding boars. The records management system of breeding sows covered basic records (same as the breeding boars), records of mating, parturition, weaning, vaccination and parasiticide, and records of mating and multiple services for each parity. By inputting the breed and ear number of a breeding pig, the pedigree tracing system searches for its all pedigree. The farmer manager could therefore understood the origin of a breeding pig from the system, and it also could be act as a basis for the selection of breeding pigs.
The system not only provided dynamic management, but also gave daily work schedule and various statistic analysis reports for farm manager. It could make the manager to handle the current situation easier by realizing the reproductive performance of individual breeding pig and the trend of whole farm. Besides, the software also provides a function about editing the default values of the system in order to conform the differences at various farms. The farm managers could set up the default values depending on the situation of their farms. This system evaluates the reproductive performance of whole farm according to the daily records of breeding pigs. With offering the manager adequate suggestions, the gross productive efficiency could therefore be improved.
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