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標題: 打孔裝訂機的打孔設計與分析
The Design and Analysis of Hole Punch of Punch and Comb Binding Machine
作者: 王文堂
Wang, Wen-Tang
關鍵字: punching and binding machine;打孔裝訂機;punching machine;cut testing, paper cutting;打孔機;裁切測試;紙張裁切
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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Along with the development of the information and technology, the distance of the world has become smaller and smaller. As the transmission of the knowledge and information become so fast, the competition between the industries is fiercer and fiercer. Technology, quality and price will be the key issues to determine whether you can continuously survive on the market or not.
Punch machine has already been developed for more than 30 years. Many companies with low cost and simple technology can easily access to this industry. In order to continuous possess high competitiveness, it is necessary to put more effort on increasing quality of the product through deeper research and self improvement.
The research steps of this thesis can be categorized as follows: (1) understand and analyze the existing machines; (2) redesign those parts with improving space; and (3) verify the improvement through cutting test. From the experimental results, it is found that by changing the rigidity of the knife board, 11% saving on the force applied. While, by changing the arrangement and height difference between cutters of the cutter group, there can have 21% saving on the force applied. Combine the changing of the knife board and cutter groups together, there can have 29% saving on the force applied. The performance of the punching machine has gain a great improvement through our redesign process.
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