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標題: 平衡計分卡的規劃與導入之研究-以某台商紙業公司為例
A Study of Balanced Scorecard Program and Implementation –An Example from A Carton Company in China
作者: 劉振山
Liu, Chen-Shan
關鍵字: 平衡計分卡;Balanced Scorecard;策略管理;績效管理;Strategy Management;Performance Management
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
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Small and median-sized companies have played a very important role in the economic development of Taiwan and Mainland China. The company we studied followed its clients and moved to Mainland China in 2000. It has gone through the growth in scales and impacted by the economic cycles for the past decade. Its growth rate and gross profit have both been negatively affected and it has even been under the pressure of being eliminated from the market. As such, the top management of the company has rigorously worked hard to search for ways to innovate and hopefully the competitive advantage can be enhanced and the company can improve continuously.

The target company in the study is a Taiwanese-owned company in the paper industry. The study adopted a case study methodology which is theoretically built in Balanced Scorecard (BSC). We conducted the study by going through literature review, data collection, practical observation and in-depth interviews with an attempt to investigate the processes encountered by the top management when he tried to initiate and implement a BSC in the company.

Findings from the study indicate that the target company used the BSC as a strategic tool to realign its corporate culture and core value. It refocused its human resources and education training to build better communication among members of the company and nurture consensus among them. Therefore, information inside the company can be integrated and timely response is possible. As a result, the company can have a better performance by increasing its efficiency and service quality, customer satisfaction and value, and a long-term and stable relationship with its customers.
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