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標題: 飼料配方線上計算系統
Feed formulation calculator online
作者: 王怡方
Fang, Wang Yi
關鍵字: Feed Formulation;飼料配方;Internet;Calculation online;網際網路;線上計算
出版社: 畜產學系
本研究之目的在建立一套可於線上計算飼料配方之系統,以提供畜牧飼養業者、飼料製造業者及學校教學單位於網際網路上使用。本系統之數學模式運算採用線性規劃法(LP; Linear Programming)中之修正單純法(Revised Simplex Method),以Microsoft Windows 2000 Server為作業平台,運用動態網頁程式ASP.NET連結伺服器之Microsoft Access資料庫撰寫而成。主要架構分為基本資料建立(使用者基本資料、原料名稱、營養分名稱、原料組成分、原料價格及動物種類)、配方試算、最小成本飼料配方、列印報表(原料名稱、營養分名稱、原料組成分、原料價格、配方試算結果及最小成本飼料配方)、使用說明、輔助手冊及連絡程式設計者等七項。使用者必須註冊後才能登入本系統,可直接經由網頁之表單將資料傳入伺服器,設定欲計算飼料配方之動物及生長期別,選擇或修改飼料原料用量,即可進行配方試算;另選擇原料種類與用量設限、營養分需求量、以及配合飼料總量,即可計算最小成本飼料配方。本系統並提供影子價格、機會成本等敏感性分析資料供使用者作為修改飼料配方時之決策參考。

Followed by the development of computer technology and Internet communication, integration in technological information and animal production has become a major research area for quite a long while. Computerized feed formulation program running on the personal computer had been established for a long time, and present target is to transfer this kind of DOS into Windows. The further study is to set the program running on the Internet to provide users could apply it more widespread and more conveniently.
The purpose of this study was made to establish a system which could calculate feed formulation online and is available on the Internet to animal producer, feed manufacturer and education. The revised simplex method of linear programming model was used in this system. Feed formulation calculator online was designed by adopting Microsoft Windows 2000 Server as operation system and was written with ASP.NET coordinated with Microsoft Access database. This system includes seven segments in terms of setting up basic data (personal information about user, ingredients, nutrient items, feed composition, feed price and category of animal), formulation calculation, least cost feed formulation, reports (ingredients, nutrient items, feed composition, feed price, conclusion of formulation calculation and least cost feed formulation), user's manual, supplementary booklet and contact programmer. Users must go through registration before login this system and could input data on the forms of active pages directly. By selecting one kind of animal and its stage, choosing or editing usage of feed ingredients, formulation calculation was then processed. By choosing category of feed and its limited usage, nutrient requirement and total amount of feed, the least cost feed formulation was therefore derived. This system also provides shadow price and opportunity cost for sensitivity analysis and helps users to make decision as a reference source.
Key words: Feed formulation, Internet, Calculation online.
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