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標題: 飼糧中添加青割玉米青貯料對白羅曼鵝生長性狀、消化道發育及肌肉組成分之影響
Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Corn Silage on Growth Performance, Digestive Tract Development and Muscle Composition in White Roman Geese
作者: 施雅薰
Shih, Ya-Hsun
關鍵字: corn silage;青貯玉米;digestive tract development;geese;growth performance, muscle composition;消化道發育;鵝;生長性狀;肌肉組成分
出版社: 畜產學系所
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以二個試驗探討飼糧中添加青割玉米青貯料(青貯玉米)對白羅曼鵝生長性狀、消化道發育及肌肉組成分之影響。試驗一使用192隻3週齡雛鵝,區分為三個處理組,分別為對照組、飼糧添加青貯玉米組及飼糧添加青刈狼尾草組,每處理組四重複。試驗二使用72隻2週齡雛鵝,區分為六個處理組,分別為不添加青貯飼料之對照組A(粗纖維< 4%)與對照組B(粗纖維= 6%),以及飼糧分別添加青貯玉米10%、20%、30%、40%之青貯料組,每處理組三重複。試驗飼糧均調配為等熱能與等蛋白質,調配飼糧時,青貯玉米以風乾物計算,飼料與水採任食。結果顯示,飼糧添加青貯玉米之鵝隻採食量雖較低,卻不影響增重,且可改善飼料效率;餵飼青貯玉米鵝隻消化道發育較快;餵飼青貯玉米鵝隻血清三酸甘油酯、總膽固醇及總脂質濃度較對照組為低(P < 0.05),血清游離鈣、鈉、鉀、氯在各處理組間則無顯著差異;盲腸內容物之短鏈脂肪酸,以餵飼添加青貯玉米之處理組具較高的乙酸及較低的丙酸莫耳百分比;餵飼青貯玉米鵝隻胸肉與腿肉含有較低脂肪及較高蛋白質含量;鵝隻腹脂的脂肪酸組成中含量較為豐富的脂肪酸依序為油酸(C18:1)、棕櫚酸(C16:0)、亞麻仁油酸(C18:2)、硬脂酸(C18:0),餵飼青貯玉米鵝隻腹脂中飽和脂肪酸含量較低,而多元不飽和脂肪酸則較對照組高。

Two trials were conducted to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation of corn on growth performance, digestive tract development and muscle composition in white Roman geese. In trial 1, one hundred and ninety-two white Roman geese of three-week-old were divided randomly into three treatments, there were four replicates for each treatment. Three treatments included: (1)goslings fed with concentrate diet as control;(2)goslings fed with diet supplementation of 30% corn silage;(3)goslings fed with diet supplementation of 30% napier grass. In trial 2, seventy-two white Roman geese of two-week-old were divided randomly into six treatments, there were three replicates for each treatment. Six treatments included: (1)goslings fed with concentrate diet as control A, crude fiber < 4%;(2)goslings fed with concentrate diet as control B, crude fiber=6%;(3)goslings fed with diet supplementation of 10% corn silage as silage A;(4)goslings fed with diet supplementation of 20% corn silage as silage B;(5)goslings fed with diet supplementation of 30% corn silage as silage C;(6)goslings fed with diet supplementation of 40% corn silage as silage D. Feed and water were supplied ad libitum The results indicate that although goslings fed diet supplemented with corn silage level reach 40% had lower feed intake, body weight gain was not influenced. However, the feed conversion was improved and the development of digestive tracts was faster. Goslings fed with diet supplementation of corn silage had lower concentrations in triglyceride, cholesterol and total lipid in serum. Compared with the control group, goslings fed diet supplemented with corn silage had higher protein and lower fat contents in breast and thigh muscles. The molar percentage of acetic acid concentration in ceacum tended to increase as corn silage increased, but the propionic acid inversed. Fatty acid compositions in abdominal fat of goslings had highest contents of Oleic acid (C18: 1) and followed by Palmitic acid (C16: 0), Linoleic acid (C18: 2), Stearic acid (C18: 0). The contents of polyunsaturated fatty acid(PUFA)were higher in abdominal fat when birds fed with diet supplementation of corn silage than fed with control diet.
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