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標題: 豬隻屠宰場之線上HACCP系統的設計與應用
Design and application of an online HACCP system in pig slaughter house
作者: 黃琦藺
Huang, Chi-Linn
關鍵字: online;豬;HACCP;pig;slaughter house;computer;design;system;after;屠宰場;線上;HACCP;網際網路;陰陽性;主畫面;資料庫;使用者
出版社: 畜產學系
本研究之目的在建立一套可應用於豬隻屠宰場之線上HACCP(危害分析與重要管制點)監控系統,以提供豬隻屠宰業者於網際網路上進行場內之危害分析與重要管制點之確認及矯正。本系統採用Windows 2000 Server作業系統,運用ASP.NET(Active Server Pages.NET)程式語言與Microsoft Access 2003資料庫架構,並與VB.NET(Visual Basic.NET)搭配撰寫而成。主要架構分為使用說明、個人基本資料之建立、開始程式(可選擇一次燙毛、二次燙毛及去皮三種不同流程)、查詢、修改及刪除舊有紀錄、列印相關報表、相關網站連結及與程式設計者連絡等九項,首先使用者需線上註冊個人資料,輸入帳號密碼後即可進入本系統,依選擇不同的屠宰流程而分別進入不同之主畫面,進而輸入豬隻屠宰場採樣分析所得之大腸桿菌數及沙門氏桿菌之陰陽性,進而分析危害點可能發生之步驟,方便業者作進一步之矯正措施去除危害,以確保肉品安全為目標,進而提升屠宰業者之管理水準。

Followed by the development of computer technology and internet communication, integrating in technological information and animal production has become a mainstream up to now. People in the world affirm the HACCP system and try to promote it diligently.
This study was established an online system for applying HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)and monitoring slaughter procedures in pig slaughter house to provide pig slaughter manager for hazard analysis and to confirm critical control points on the Internet and then taking correct actions. This system adopted the Windows 2000 Server operation system, and was developed by ASP.NET(Active Server Pages.NET)programming connected with the Microsoft Access 2003 database and VB.NET(Visual Basic.NET). This system includes seven sections in terms of setting up users' manual, personal information about users, starting program (one scalding, two scalding and skin removing-the choice of three different slaughter procedures), enquiring, editing and deleting the previous records, printing related reports, linking corresponding websites and contact with programmer. Firstly, user must login this system by inputting his username and password after enrollment. Subsequently, choosing one of the slaughter procedures in the system and then went into different web-pages in which to input microbial counts sampled from the pig slaughter houses, and to further analyze those steps of hazards might happen. It is available for managers to take further correct actions to remove hazards to ensure meat products safe, and to promote the management level of slaughter businessmen.
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