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標題: 自激式車削顫振的強韌控制器之設計
Design of Robust Controllers for Self-excited Chatter in Turning
作者: 邱冠中
關鍵字: 車削顫振;強韌控制器
出版社: 機械工程研究所

A major problem in machine tools comes from the self-excited chatter phenomenon. In this research paper, optimal control design procedure is applied to design a PI conrtoller so that not only the cutting dynamics in machine tool chatter can be stabilized but also zero steady state error requirements can be achieved. However, model parameters of the cutting dynamic model are not known precisely and can vary in different operating conditions. It is important to analyze the effects of the model parameters on the control system. Two critical model parameters are assessed in this paper. Then, the LQG/LTR method is further applied to improve the robustness of the design controller, so that the variations of these two critical model parameters can be tolerated. Finally, computation simulation is used to validated the effectiveness of the robust control design.
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