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標題: 乳牛場線上記錄與管理系統
Online Recording and Management System for Dairy Farms
作者: 陳泰元
Chen, Tai-Yuan
關鍵字: Dairy farms;乳牛場;Recording and management;Online;記錄管理;線上
出版社: 畜產學系
本研究之目的在建立一套可於網路上執行,並具有儲存、查詢、統計分析和現場管理功能之乳牛場線上記錄與管理系統,以提供台灣非DHI(Dairy Herd Improvement)乳牛場之酪農或相關企業人士於網路上進行乳牛相關記錄與管理之用。本系統利用網際網路,以互動式網頁ASP(Active Server Pages)程式結合Microsoft Access資料庫架構方式及VB Script程式語言搭配撰寫,不需額外安裝軟體便可直接執行於網路上。本系統之操作共分為乳牛個別記錄、牧場工作通報、資料統計分析、冷凍精液庫存、集乳檢驗記錄、牧場防疫記錄及系譜追查等七項,使用者只需連上網路,進行系統註冊成功後,便可將牧場中所有牛隻及其相關資料輸入並儲存於資料庫之中,藉由撰寫程式之預設值對已輸入資料庫之資料進行統計分析比較與查詢,並利用輸出之結果協助使用者瞭解牧場現況,即時掌握牧場各牛隻之生產狀況與繁殖成績,以進行各項動態管理工作。

The purpose of this study was to develop a web-base recording and management system for Taiwan non DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) dairy farms to provide some functions about storage, search, statistic analysis, and management on farm to dairy farmers or related business people to record and manage their dairy cows on the Internet. This system used the Internet to connect Microsoft Access database with ASP (Active Server Pages) and VB Script programming languages on the Server. This system executed on the Internet without setting up any other programs and was divided into seven sections in terms of member registration, append cow's individual record, management reports, data for statistics analysis reports, frozen semen inventory, raw milk test records, epidemic records on farms and pedigree tracing. After success in registration, user could input and store dairy cow's data through the Internet. Some reports concerning statistic analysis and retrieval are therefore derived to assist users to understand their current situation of the farm, and to handle individual cow's production and reproductive performance. Some works about dynamic management could therefore be proceeded to do as well.
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