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標題: 雞肝中金屬蛋白抑制物之萃取與應用
Extraction and application of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases from chicken liver
作者: 林佑任
Lin, Yu-Jen
關鍵字: Osteoarthritis;退化性關節炎;Rheumatoid Arthritis;Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases;Collagenase;風濕性關節炎;金屬蛋白抑制物;膠原蛋白
出版社: 畜產學系
退化性關節炎(Osteoarthritis, OA)和風濕性關節炎(Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA)目前多以合成之化學藥物來做長期控制,但這些藥物不僅無法抑制關節組織之持續性破壞,同時也會對人體產生副作用。因此,我們希望由禽畜內臟中萃取出天然、無副作用的金屬蛋白抑制物,用以抑制關節炎之作用。試驗先將內臟以乙醇萃取液處理後離心,再經丙酮沉澱、離心和透析等步驟取得分離之組織金屬蛋白抑制物,然後予以冷凍乾燥,即可得到粗萃之產物。先以此萃取物進行體外試驗及分析後,再將其給予OA和RA模式大鼠口服,並觀察其在試驗期間對大鼠的影響。結果顯示:在雞肝、雞肺、雞脾、豬肝、豬肺和豬卵巢等內臟中,以雞肝的粗蛋白質、粗脂肪含量和產率最高;在SDS-PAGE電泳方面也可發現,雞肝萃取物在相同樣品濃度下其21kDa-29kDa蛋白質也較其它內臟萃取物多;雞肝萃取物可有效抑制體外膠原蛋白之活性,且有維持OA及RA模式大鼠在試驗期間的正常增重和膝關節直徑的作用;另外,雞肝萃取物可降低大鼠血清中乳酸去氫、鈣離子濃度以及血液中白血球的數量,但也會提高單核球在總白血球中的比例;雞肝萃取物可抑制OA和RA模式大鼠在試驗期間髕韌帶的浸潤和滑液膜的增生,同時減低股骨膠原蛋白的耗損和破壞,維持股骨表面的平整。
關鍵字: 退化性關節炎、風濕性關節炎、膠原蛋白、金屬蛋白抑制物

Extraction and Application of Tissue Inhibitor
of Metalloproteinases from Chicken Liver
Yu-Jen Lin
At present, we still use the artificial chemical drugs to
cure these joint disease, but they are not only couldn’t terminate
the continuous joint destruction and would cause some side effects.
Therefore, we hope to extract natural TIMPs from animal viscera and
apply it to cure arthritis. Animal viscera were mixed with ethanol and
centrifugation. The supernatant were precipitated by acetone. The
precipitate was collected by centrifugation then dialysis and freeze
drying. The lyophilized products were oral administration by OA and RA
model rat, and we observe the effects of arthritis model rat in
experimental period. Results showed: in chicken liver, chicken lung,
chicken spleen, pig liver, pig lung and pig ovary, the highest content of
crude protein and crude fat is in chicken liver and the yield same too. In
the SDS-PAGE figure, we discovered the 20KDa-30KDa band of chicken
liver are more then other viscera when they are same sample
concentration. The extracts of chicken liver are effectively in inhibited the
in vitro activity of collagenase and they can maintaining the OA and RA
model rat joint diameter and the added of weight in experimental period.
Furthermore, they can decrease the concentration of lactate
dehydrogenase (LDH) and Ca2+ in serum and the amount of white blood
cell (WBC) in blood, and they also enhance the ratio of monocyte in total
WBC. The extract of chicken liver can inhibit the patella ligament
invasion and the synovial membrane proliferation and maintain the
smooth surface of femur by reduce collagen degradation and destruction.
Key words: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Collagenase, Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases
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