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標題: 複合材料疊層板組合結構振動特性之探討
Studies of the Vibration of Laminated Composite Plate Assembly
作者: 蘇志榮
關鍵字: plate assembly;組合板;vibration;composite;振動;複合材料
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文目的主要是建立一個複合材料疊層板組合結構的有限元素分析模型,其中,主板與次板可以任意角度相連接,第一部份:主要探討組合板在不同夾角的情況下,此組合板結構的振動特性,並與有限元素套裝軟體(I-DEAS)分析的結果和模態實驗的結果來互相驗證比較,以確保複材疊層組合板模型的準確性。第二部分:因為邊界平移時所產生的加速度效應作用在組合板上時,用Newmark- method和模態法來求組合板上的暫態位移,並和暫態位移實驗的結果來互相對照。之後,將Newmark- method和模態法模擬複材組合板暫態位移的結果並互相驗證後,用Newmark- method來模擬單層複材組合板的暫態位移,比較單層複材組合板在不同纖維角以及不同夾角時暫態位移的性質。

The objective of this thesis is to develop a finite element model of laminated composite plate assembly systems. The plate assembly systems consist of two plates, the main plate and the secondary plate that are jointed at an angle of an arbitrary value. First, the vibration properties of the plate assembly systems are studied. The results are compared with those obtained from the commercial software, I-DEAS, and from experiments, to ensure the validity of proposed model. Next, the transient displacements of the plate assembly induced by the acceleration of the boundary translation are obtained. The transient displacements are analyzed by using both Newmark- and Modal methods. The results are compared with these of the experiments. Finally, the transient displacements of single-layered composite plates are studied for different fiber angles and jointed angles of plates.
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