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標題: 最大利潤電腦飼料配方軟體之設計
Computerized Feed Formulation Software for Maximizing Profit
作者: 林貞純
Lin, Chen-Chun
關鍵字: Feed formulation;飼料配方;Linear programming;Maximum profit;線性規劃;最大利潤
出版社: 畜產學系
本軟體係採用Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0程式語言撰寫而成,配合已發表之生長迴歸方程式,探討原料組成分中之蛋白質與能量對生長性狀間之關係,利用線性規劃之修正單純法(Revised simplex method)將電腦程式加以串聯。本系統可分為基本資料建檔(含客戶、原料種類、單價、組成分及動物種類)、配方試算、最小成本飼料配方及最大利潤飼料配方等四大功能。在最大利潤配方下,使用者可設定飼料原料、種類與使用設限、蛋白質與能量外之禽畜營養分需要量、飼料費佔總成本之百分率以及上市日齡或上市體重,配合已發表或自設之飼料轉換率與生長之迴歸方程式,經過線性規劃求解後,可得設定下之最大利潤飼料配方,更可將此結果傳入配方試算中,進行微調或敏感性分析;本軟體並具有多項統計分析功能及報表,供飼養業者參考。

On the site of economy, the least cost formulation did not mean maximum profit formulation. The main objective of the production should focus on the maximum profit, not just on the minimum cost. This study was therefore made to develop the computerized feed formulation software for maximizing profit.
The program was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. This system utilized the growth regression equations published concerning the relationship of growth performance to dietary energy and protein. By using the revised simplex method to solve linear programming to integrate those computer programs, the ration formulation software for maximizing profit was designed. The system has four functions including "inputting basic data", "formulation calculation", "least cost feed formulation" and "maximum profit feed formulation". In the maximum profit feed formulation, user could set items of ingredient, restrictions, nutrient requirement except protein and energy, the percentage of feed in total cost, price per kg of live weight and market weight or market day. Through the integration of the regression functions of the feed conversion ratio, growth and linear programming, the maximum profit feed formulation was thus produced. The system transferred the final result to the section of feed formulation modification or sensitivity analysis. Various statistical analysis and reports were produced simultaneously.
Besides, the study developed some simulation on maximum profit feed formulation, which included market age or market weight, constant price or variable price per kg of live weight. The results showed that to understand the relationship between input and output was quite important before judging the maximum profit. The major factors affecting total cost were feed price and total feed intake, whereas the major factors affecting total return were market weight, market day, price per kg of live weight and batches per year. To choose the maximum profit feed formulation correctly, all affected factors are needed to be considered thoroughly.
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