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標題: 格雷氏編碼與相位移在三維曲面量測之應用
Application of Gray Code and Phase Shifting in 3D surface Profilometry
作者: 李建緯
關鍵字: Gray Code;格雷氏編碼;Phase Shifting;LCD;Structure Light;Mapping Function;Phase unwrap;Triangulation;相位移;液晶投影機;結構光;映射函數;相位還原;三角測量法
出版社: 機械工程學系

This project proposes a three-dimensional surface profiler based on fringe projection and techniques of triangulation. A Gray code coding scheme is applied to solve the phase ambiguity problem encountered commonly in phase shifting method. An LCD projector is used to project the designed cosine pattern and the Gray code onto the surface of the object. The feature of the projected fringe can be changed easily by the computer. The target of calibration mark is mounted on the coordinate measuring machine and moves with it to form three dimensional grids precisely. The grids are the length standard in this project. Finally, the phases are transformed into the profile of an object by means of function mapping.
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