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標題: PP瓶胚之射出成型冷卻速率對結晶度之影響
Effect of Cooling Rate on the Crystallinity of a PP Preform during Injection Moulding
作者: 陳賦宜
Chen, Fu-Yi
關鍵字: Injection Moulding;射出成型;Cooling Rate;Relative Crystallinity;Preform;Poly- propylene;Numerical Method;冷卻速率;相對結晶度;瓶胚;PP;數值方法
出版社: 機械工程學系
此論文針對多瓶胚射出成型模具進行公模部分之改良,並以數值方法模擬PP(polypropylene)瓶胚從射出至脫模間冷卻的過程,以期了解瓶胚在整個成型週期中材料結晶度的變化,以及影響此變化的主要因素;研究中分別以三種不同的冷卻水溫(-15℃、5℃及25℃)、兩種不同的瓶胚厚度(2.0 mm及3.5 mm)及四種不同的熔膠溫度(190℃、200℃、210℃與220℃)來進行模擬。此研究觀察在不同的狀況下,從射出至冷卻完成的過程中,瓶胚的溫度及相對結晶度分佈之變化,並找出其間存在的關係,以及冷卻水溫(冷卻速率)與瓶胚溫度及相對結晶度之間的關係。

An improvement of a multi-cavity injection mold for manufacturing polypropylene(PP) preform is performed. The cooling process in the mold during injection moulding is analyzed by using a numerical method. It is intended to obtain the variation of crystallinity of the PP material and the factors affecting this variation. Three cooling water temperatures,-15℃,5℃and 25℃, are individually considered. Two different wall thickness, 2.0 mm and 3.5 mm, of the preform are analyzed respec- tively. Four different melt temperatures,190℃,200℃,210℃and 220℃, are included. Under different operating conditions, the temperature and relative crystallinity of the preform are found. The effects of cooling rate on the relative crystallinity of the PP preform are obtained.
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