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標題: 六軸史都華平台之直接式適應控制設計與實現
Direct Adaptive Control for Six-DOF Stewart Platform
作者: 林建豪
關鍵字: Stewart平台;直接適應控制;模糊函數近似器
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文探討六軸Stewart定位平台的直接式穩定適應模糊控制器設計,並以實驗印證確能達成平台的隨意軌跡追蹤控制目的。考慮一個模糊函數近似器以補償摩擦力的影響,於選擇適當的Lyapunov候選函數後,利用Lyapunov穩定理論,分別使用 修正與 修正推導六軸Stewart平台的控制律和參數調適律,其中並包括模式不確定性的強健補償律,且嚴謹證明整體閉迴路系統之穩定性。為了瞭解所提控制策略之性能,本論文除了進行電腦模擬研究,並在MATLAB/SIMULINK環境下使用dSPACE DS1103單板控制器實際對實驗室之自製Stewart平台進行實現研究,以驗證所提控制策略之有效性。

In this thesis, two stable direct adaptive fuzzy controllers for six-DOF Stewart platforms are proposed. By considering a fuzzy function approximator to compensate for the effects of friction and a nonlinear damping for model uncertainty, a proper Lyapunov function candidate is selected, then two stable direct adaptive fuzzy controllers with parameter adaptation laws using —modification and —modification, respectively, are derived using Lyapunov stability theory. Computer simulations and implementation studies using a MATLAB/SIMULINK-based dSPACE DS1103 single-board controller are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the suggested control strategy.
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