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標題: 交流定位系統之穩定預估控制設計與實現
Stable Predictive Control for an AC Induction Motor-Driven Servo System
作者: 葉雲碩
關鍵字: predictive control;預估控制;stable predictive control;定位系統;預測控制
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文針對由三相交流感應馬達驅動的定位平台,先進行離散時間系統辨認,再根據辨認所得系統模式進行控制策略之設計與實現研究。系統辨認乃依據具有足夠激發度的輸入/輸出數據,使用遞迴式最小平方(RLS)演算法進行離散時間估測模型的參數最佳化辨認。至於控制器的設計,則使用無窮預測範圍的穩定預估控制(infinite horizon stable predictive control, IHSPC)理論,依據辨認所得之最佳模型進行控制律的推導,最後再以dSPACE DS1102 控制單板,進行控制器的實現研究,經由實驗結果印證辨認模型及控制策略之性能。

This thesis considers the system identification and infinite horizon stable predictive control (IHSPC) design for an AC induction motor-driven servo system. The RLS (recursive least squares) algorithm is used for obtaining the optimal parameters of a discrete-time linear estimation model with a constant bias term. Based on the estimated model, the IHSPC design methodology is adopted for synthesizing a stable predictive control law for the actual servo system. Finally, the control law is developed in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment and implemented using a dSPACE DS1102 control board. Experimental results validate the feasibility of the suggested approach.
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