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標題: 以第二路徑強健回授控制為基礎之適應混合式主動噪音控制
Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Control Based On Robustly Controlled Secondary Path
作者: 賴銘相
關鍵字: 主動噪音控制;強健回授控制;適應性控制
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文為研究一維聲管主動噪音控制及控制實作的問題,針對主動噪音控制系統的控制路徑(第二路徑)設計一個強健回授控制器,使得控制路徑形成一具有強健性的閉迴路系統,並將其應用在不同種類的適應性濾波器架構,探討其消音性能的改善程度。我們所選用的適應性理論為FXLMS法則,採用FIR濾波器,FXLMS-FIR濾波器具有寬頻消音的能力,但仍有強健性不足的缺點,為了彌補這一個缺點,將引入強健回授控制器進而提升FXLMS-FIR濾波器的消音性能,本文中所用的強健回授控制器,係利用H 控制理論與混合靈敏度函數的概念所設計,來搭配具有適應性修正的FXLMS-FIR濾波器。最後並以聲管主動噪音控制實驗驗證,對於White-Noise所產生的噪音,此結合強健回授控制器之FXLMS-FIR濾波器,確實比單獨的FXLMS-FIR濾波器有較佳之消音性能。

In this thesis, we study active noise control (ANC) based on a robustly feedback-controlled secondary path. A model of secondary path of an acoustic duct system is first utilized to form a mixed sensitivity problem that is consequently solved by using an H design method. As a result, a robust feedback controller for the secondary path is obtained. Based on this controlled secondary path, we further develop ANC controllers of adaptive FIR filters with a filtered-X LMS algorithm. These new ANC controllers are expected to gain better effectiveness of noise reduction. Both computer simulations and experiments are carried out to demonstrate noise reduction performance of the proposed approach for broadband noise.
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