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標題: 灰色預測批次控制器於銅化學機械研磨之應用
Application of Grey Prediction Process Controller on Copper Chemical Mechanical Polishing
作者: 羅國寧
Lau, Gau-Ning
關鍵字: CMP;化學機械研磨;Grey Prediction;run-to-run process;LSE;灰色預測;批次製程;最小平方法
出版社: 機械工程學系

The goal of this research is to propose a grey prediction based run-to-run process control scheme that combines a grey prediction process controller and a least-squared process estimator to better control the output of the erratic and unstable dynamics of the copper chemical mechanical polishing processes. In this new process control scheme, the least-squared method is adopted to on-line identify the system's matrix. The grey prediction theorem is implemented to estimate the output error of the process in advance such that the output error can be eliminated by a feedforward control scheme.
Computer simulations and experiments demonstrate that the proposed run-to-run control structure can restrict the process error of the copper chemical mechanical polishing within 5% under variable saturation situations.
To employ the new control method, no extra sensor and machine modification is required. In addition to the CMP, others semiconductor batch processes such as the chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, doping, and etching are potential application domains.
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