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標題: 壓電驅動之多通道光開關之設計與製作
Design and Fabrication of Multi-Channel Optical Switch Actuated by Piezoelectric
作者: 劉鴻儒
Liu, Hung-Ru
關鍵字: Optical Switch;光開關;Piezoelectric;Multi-Channel;壓電驅動;多通道
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究主要目的乃是希望發展一製程簡單之多通道光開關元件,藉由光學軟體模擬整體光學系統的效率。關於光開關元件的製作,本研究先進行致動角度與光線水平位移關係之理論分析,接著利用UV-LIGA的技術搭配SU-8厚膜光阻製作微結構。 在致動機制方面,本研究以DSP控制板結合電壓放大器來驅動壓電塊材,透過壓電塊材的位移輸出推動鏡面結構。由於壓電致動具有小範圍精度高且轉換速度快的優點,因此控制輸入電壓便可精準改變其致動角度,使光線經反射後有數個不同位置,於此些位置上架設光纖便可作多通道的切換,當致動器位移越大或是距轉軸越近,鏡面偏轉角度與光線水平位移可進一步擴大,適合1×N的光路切換。

The main goal of this research is develop a novel concept for the multi-channel optical switch that can be fabricated by a relatively simple process. Theoretical analysis regarding the dependency of the horizontal displacement of the reflective light on the rotating angle of the switch body was conducted first. The UV-LIGA technique was then implemented to make the mirror structure on SU-8 photoresist. The mirror structure was actuated by a PZT actuator that was controlled by a digital signal processor (DSP) based controller such that precise displacement can be conducted. Since the PZT actuator possesses advantages such as precise positioning and fast response, the rotating angle of the mirror structure can be actually controlled. It turns that the reflective light can be placed at multi-positions. The proposed novel device can be implemented as an 1N optical switch.
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