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標題: 具間隙之四連桿機構搖振行為分析
Shaking Behavior Analysis of Four Bar Mechanism with Clearances
作者: 陳俊柏
關鍵字: Joint clearance;接頭間隙;Shaking force;Shaking moment;Shaking balance;搖振力;搖振力矩;搖振平衡
出版社: 機械工程學系

The phenomenon of impact and wear happens in the joints, also called kinematic pair, of mechanism when it is in motion because of clearances in joints. The pair elements will have free of contact and impact to each other intermittently due to clearances. This will affect the shaking balance of mechanism.
The effects of clearances on the dynamic balance of mechanism and also the relationship of inertia force and shaking behavior of mechanism have been discussed in this thesis. A planar four bar crank-rock mechanism with clearances in three joints has been used as an example in this discussion. Different kinds of design methods have been used in this example to analyze the improvement on the dynamic balance of mechanism with clearances.
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