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標題: 反齒形鏈條鏈片與鏈輪設計研究
The Design of Chain Link and Sprocket of Inverted Tooth Chain
作者: 林淑婷
Lin, Shu-Ting
關鍵字: inverted tooth chain;反齒形鏈條;chain link;sprocket;design parameter;鏈片;鏈輪;設計參數
出版社: 機械工程學系
一般而言,在高速、高馬力且需低噪音狀況時,經常採用反齒形鏈條來傳遞動力。反齒形鏈條(Inverted Tooth Chain)的嚙合傳動方式是以鏈片的幾何形狀與鏈輪的齒形做嚙合接觸傳動,此種漸進式嚙合的方式可減少衝擊及降低噪音,同時對於鏈條傳動機構之弦線作用(chordal action)亦有改善。由於目前國內尚無法自行設計反齒形鏈條,因此反齒形鏈條之設計製造技術之研發,實有其必要性。

General speaking, we usually adopt inverted tooth chain to transmit power under high speed and loads. Inverted tooth chain transmits power through the positive engagement of link teeth with sprocket teeth. It can reduce contact force and noise by means of progressive engagement, and improve chordal action of the sprocket-chain transmission mechanism. The design knowledge of inverted tooth chain mechanism has not been totally understood in our country. So it is necessary to develop the design methodology for the inverted tooth chain mechanism.
The design process of inverted tooth chain mechanism and the design parameters for the shapes of chain link tooth and sprocket tooth has been developed in this thesis by studying the relationship between the shapes of chain link tooth and sprocket tooth of the inverted tooth chain listed in the American National Standards Institute. The computer-aided engineering technology has been used to build and simulate the dynamic meshing process of different inverted tooth chains and sprockets to analyze the effect of contact force, interference, and chordal action.
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