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標題: 反齒形鏈條傳動系統片形變化效應模擬分析
Simulation and Analysis of the Shape Effect on the Inverted Tooth Chain Transmission System
作者: 洪文駿
Hung, Wen-Chun
關鍵字: inverted tooth chain;反齒形鏈條;sprocket;chain link;engagement;鏈輪;鏈片;嚙合
出版社: 機械工程學系
反齒形鏈條(Inverted Tooth Chain)又名無聲鏈條(Silent chain),由於可提供高效率、安靜且平滑漸進式地與鏈輪嚙合以傳輸動力,且其速度與負荷之能力均高於其他多種鏈條傳動機構,其傳遞之功率可達2000HP,速度也可高達7000FPM,平均效率高達97~99%,在傳動過程中無滑脫現象,且無軸承間之磨擦所引起的功率損失,所佔空間小,具有巨大的抗拉強度,使用壽命長。當鏈片有損壞時可自動補償磨損,因此反齒形鏈條逐漸成為現今多種鏈條傳動機構中最佳之選擇。
本文以電腦輔助工程(CAE:Computer-Aided Engineering)之相關技術,討論鏈片在不同構形下與不同齒形的鏈輪作嚙合時之接觸分析,針對於有關鏈片片形之設計參考方針方面進行受力分析討論,探討完整鏈條模組與鏈輪之嚙合受力比較,及完整鏈條鏈片與銷子碰撞之過程情形,並分析比較整組鏈片與主動輪及被動輪嚙合之情形,以了解其整個過程的嚙合碰撞受力關係,及所受之張力情形,藉由電腦模擬得出較佳之片形,以利於提供往後新型片形機構之設計參考方向。

Inverted tooth chain, also called silent chain, efficiently, smoothly and quietly transmits power through the positive engagement of chain teeth with sprocket teeth. Its speed and load ability is superior to those of many other kinds of transmission mechanism. Its transmitting power can reach 2000 HP, the speed can be up to 7000 FPM, and the average efficiency is up to 97~99 %. There will be neither slipping during the transmission nor friction in bearings which can result power losing. Moreover, inverted tooth chain also gets credit for its compact size, huge tensile strength, and long performance life. More importantly, it can be automatically compensated when the chain links are broken. So, inverted tooth chain has become the best choice in the transmission mechanism of many kinds of chains.
The CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) related technology has been used in this thesis for the contact analysis when the chain links of different shapes engaged with sprockets of different tooth shapes. The chain link design has been discussed through the force analysis which includes the comparison of the engaging force of the complete chain module and the sprocket, and the process of the complete chain link contact with the pin. We also further analyzed and discussed the way that whole links set engaged with the driving sprocket and driven sprocket in order to understand the relationship of contact force and tension situations during transmission. The purpose this research is to provide a design principle for development of inverted tooth chain by means of computer simulation.
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