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標題: 多光束液晶繞射光學元件之研究
Study of Multi-beam Liquid Crystal Diffractive Optical Element
作者: 蔡智原
關鍵字: multiple-beam;多光束;polarization-selective;optical pickup head;holographic optical element;diffractive optical element;liquid crystal;偏極光選擇性;光學讀寫頭;全像光學元件;繞射光學元件;液晶
出版社: 機械工程學系

This study investigates the feasibility of designing the multiple-beam liquid crystal diffractive optical element (LCDOE) for the use of the holographic multiple-beam optical pickup head. We adopted the design method of the binary phase grating proposed by Dammann for generating seven diffraction orders with equal intensity. The pattern of the multiple beam grating was etched on the ITO glass substrate to act as the electrodes for the LCDOE. In producing the LCDOE, we used not only the spacer but also coating a photoresist layer for controlling the liquid crystal thickness and getting the optimum diffraction efficiency.
The experimental results show that both methods of using spacer and photoresist are applicable for the device fabrication. The multiple-beam LCDOE that was produced by using spacer can effectively generating seven beams with equal intensity under applying a voltage. Besides, the polarization-selective effect for different polarization states was verified. The response time of this device is short enough for the application of an optical pickup head and the multiple-beam LCDOE is successfully realized.
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