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標題: 高速主軸動平衡之補償設計
Compensation Design for Dynamic Balance of High-Speed Spindle
作者: 蔡一昌
Tsai, I-Chang
關鍵字: rotor is not balanced;轉子不平衡;software analysis;compensates design;軟體分析;補償設計
出版社: 機械工程學系

This article is design for rotor in accordance with non- balanced, by rotor geometry Structure and mass distribution to probe its non-balanced condition, applied analyze calculating method,and come out with the structure of Rotor end surface for indemnify design.
This article is use 3D painting soft ware Solidworks in order to get the date of rotor ‘s mass center displacement and mass moment of inertia, after the analyzing comes to the best balanced relation of drill hole position and Drill hole depth, take the result as a theory of the rotor compensates;and it is also take the gear's spindle for example. We get the date by the experimental method to measure the vibration and balance design.
We discovered to forecast that the bigger rotor ‘s mass center displacement and mass moment of inertia ,the stronger bearing response strut strength, and the actual rotor vibrated condition is more furious.
It can effectively reduce the problems of vibration when Drill hole in the proper depth . It is certainly decrease rotor ‘s mass center displacement and mass moment of inertia.
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