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標題: 分子篩填充床吸附系統之電腦模擬
Computer Simulation of the Adsorption Performace of a Molecular Sieves Packed-Bed System
作者: 王寶順
Wang, Po-Shun
關鍵字: Pack bed;填充床;molecular sieves;adsorption;axial dispersion effect;分子篩;吸附;軸向質傳效應
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究將探討一個13X分子篩填充床吸附系統於低濕、中濕與高濕等三種操作狀態之吸附性能,並對其除濕性能進行電腦模擬分析,分析之模式除了考慮固體側質傳阻力外,並且考慮吸附過程中氣體側軸向質傳效應之影響,研究中並探討此氣體側軸向值傳效應之重要性。此研究以直徑2.2 的13X分子篩為研究對象,利用電腦程式模擬分析分子篩填充床系統於週期穩定操作過程下,填充床內分子篩含水量與系統出口空氣溫溼度之變化。研究中並且針對一套具冷卻過程之固定式填充床吸附系統進行實驗量測,將模擬之結果與實驗量測之結果做比較,在比較之過程中發現,填充床內熱質傳間之路易士數必須為8.0,方能使模擬之結果與量測之數據達到一致性。

This work deals with the simulation of the adsorption performance of a packed-bed system. The system uses a 13X molecular sieves as the adsorbent which has a diameter of 2.2 mm. A computer simulation is performed for three different operating conditions, namely, a low, a median and a high humidity conditions. The mathematical model considers both the solid-side mass diffusion effect and gas-side axial dispersion effect. The importance of the gas-side axial dispersion effect to the adsorption performance of the system is discussed. The time-varying temperature and dewpoint temperature of the processed air and time-varying moisture content of the adsorbent in the packed bed, for cyclic steady-state operations, are obtained. A measurement of the system performance is also performed. The experimental data are compared to the simulation results. It is found that, by selecting the Lewis number (Le) as 8.0 in the analysis, a good match between the measured data and simulation results can be achieved.
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