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標題: 二氧化矽及氮化矽薄膜機械性質之量測
Measurements of mechanical properties of silicon dioxide and silicon rich nitride thin film
作者: 張原銘
Ming, Chang Yuan
關鍵字: thin film;薄膜;residual stress;Young''s modulus;殘留應力;楊氏係數
出版社: 機械工程學系
半導體製程和微機電系統中,二氧化矽和氮化矽是極為重要的薄膜材料,本論文應用一種簡單、有效率的量測方法,以奈米壓痕機(nanoindentation)試驗測試二氧化矽和氮化矽薄膜的楊氏係數,可在短時間內測得的薄膜的楊氏係數,經實驗測試結果,二氧化矽和氮化矽的楊氏係數分別為等於90.9 和142 。另外,本論文利用整體微細加工技術(bulk micromachining)將二氧化矽(silicon dioxide)及低應力之氮化矽(silicon rich nitride),此兩種薄膜材料製作成懸臂樑結構,由其結構所產生的殘留變形量,推估薄膜之殘留應力,推導之結果,二氧化矽及低應力氮化矽薄膜之殘留應力分別為約 -129.9 及59.1 ;本論文在推導薄膜之殘留應力過程中,所應用之公式皆為一般材料力學中之基本公式,並未使用艱澀難懂的方程式;而實驗使用之懸臂樑亦是由一般的積體電路(IC)製程所製作而成,亦無複雜或特殊之製作程序,此為本篇論文特色之一。

Silicon dioxide and silicon nitride are very important thin-film materials for the semiconductor industry and Micro-Electronic-Mechanical-system (MEMS). This dissertation investigates a simple and effective measurement, which is nanoindentation,to test the Young's modulus of two materials. The experimental results show the Young's modulus of silicon dioxide and silicon nitride are 90.9 Gpa and 142 Gpa respectively. In addition, we fabricated cantilever beams of silicon dioxide and silicon rich nitride by the bulk micromachining to estimate the residual stress of this structure from its deformation. The residual stress of silicon dioxide and silicon rich nitride thin film are —129.9 Mpa and 59.1 Mpa, respectively. All applied equations of dissertation are the fundamental formulas from mechanics of materials, and the experimental samples, cantilever beams, are fabricated by general integrated circuit (IC) process, too. The characters of the method are easy and effective to obtain the mechanical property of thin film.
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