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標題: 條紋投射法於微型曲面量測應用之研究
Microscopic surface profilometry by fringe projection method
作者: 李勇民
關鍵字: Triangulation principle1;三角量測法;Fringe projection;Gray code;Phase shifting;Mapping function;條紋投射法;格雷式編碼;相位移;映射函數
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究應用條紋投射法與三角量測原理測量微型元件三維曲面輪廓。其中條紋投射法以液晶板(LCD)產生格雷式編碼(gray code)及相位移(phase shifting)之條紋結構光,經由立體顯微鏡(stereo microscope)投射至待測物表面,並由兩者間還原出絕對相位。映射函數法(mapping function)為本量測系統之校正法,使用精密移動平台移動校正標準片,藉此建立精確之空間網格點,以完成校正本系統鏡頭畸變與投射光源和CCD攝影機間及各項系統所可能產生之誤差。完成校正程序後,即可將待測物的絕對相位轉換為精確的輪廓高度。

This paper describes the usage of fringe projection method and triangulation principle for three dimension surface profile measurement of micro component. In this method, Gray-code and Phase-shifting cosinusoidal pattern are projected onto micro-component surface by a programmable liquid crystal display (LCD) and a stereo microscope. The Gray-code method is exploited to detect discontinuities of the surface, whereas Phase-shifting technique allows the measurement of fine surface details. This system use mathematical model of mapping function to compensate various systematic error and evaluate 3D profile of micro-component.
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