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標題: 正弦條紋投射法於錫膏三維曲面輪廓量測之應用
Solder Paste Three Dimensional Surface Measurement by Projecting Sinusoidal Grating
作者: 陳嘉旗
Chen, Chia-Chi
關鍵字: 三維輪廓量測;Three-Dimensional Surface Profilometry;正弦條紋;結構光;三角量測原理;相位移;相位還原;錫膏;Sinusoidal Grating;Structured Light;Triangulation Principle;Phase Shifting;Phase Unwrap;Solder Paste
出版社: 機械工程學系

This paper describes a solder paste profiler based on fringe projection techniques and triangulation principle. The sinusoidal fringe pattern is projected onto the solder paste surface and the deformed grating image is captured by a CCD camera for subsequent analysis. In this paper, the phase of the deformed sinusoidal fringe pattern is evaluated by phase shifting technique and a path independent phase-unwrapping algorithm is used to unwrap these pixels according to the phase reliability of edges. In the calibration procedure, this paper solves phase shifting period by least squared method and estimates the lens distortion. The results of measurement in different systems were presented and error sources were discussed.
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