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標題: 精密進給系統驅動機構之設計研究
A study on the Design of the Driving Mechanism for a Precision Feeding System
作者: 楊家昇
Yang, Jia-Sheng
關鍵字: feeding mechanism;奈米;flexural structure;piezoelectric actuator;nano;進給機構;撓性結構;壓電致動器
出版社: 機械工程學系
在今天精密機械的發展下,所要求的精度伴隨技術發展的成熟逐年的提高,而定位技術更是在精密機械中扮演一個不可或缺的角色,本研究著重設計一組具有長行程(100mm以上)、高解析度( 10nm)、最大速度達25mm/s,並具有一定程度的負載能力(1kg)之單軸精密進給平台,並透過工程設計方法的使用解決所面對的工程問題及概念設計,其中主要利用堆疊式壓電致動器驅動及撓性結構的設計完成驅動機構所需要之路徑,並透過連續單步進給的方式完成所需之動作,以摩擦驅動的方式來達成長行程精密定位的目標。在系統控制部分,則是選用DSP做為主要控制器。於實驗部分,以DSP透過電壓放大器直接驅動驅動機構且從工具顯微鏡中觀察到驅動機構之環形運動軌跡。文中,主要完成進給系統之驅動機構設計、製作及基本作動測試。

Along with the mutuality of the precision machinery technology, the demands of high accuracy have been increased in recent year. The positioning technology has played an important role. In this research, it is focusing on the design of a single axis precision feeding mechanism, which has a travel range greater than 100 mm, with 10nm resolution, speed greater than 25mm/s, and load capacity of 1kg. An engineering design method was used for problem solving and conceptual design of the precision feeding mechanism. In this research, stacked piezoelectric actuators is used to drive a flexural structure mechanism with a circular movement, which will then push a table by friction force to move along a linear guide. Through continuous stepping feeding, this mechanism can achieve long travel range requirement. A DSP based controller is used in this system for the controlling of the mechanism.
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