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標題: 利用微電腦控制機油供應以減低二行程機車引擎排放白煙之研究
The Study of Decreasing Exhaust White Smoke Via the Microcomputer Control Oil Supply for 2-Stroke Motorcycle Engines
作者: 洪晏清
Hung, Yan-Ching
關鍵字: 2-stroke engine;二行程引擎;white smoke;白煙
出版社: 機械工程學系

The white smoke exhausted by two-stroke motorcycles, mainly is caused of no combustion or the incomplete oil compound combustion. Exhaust are related by the compound of engine oil and oil consumed. But speaking of two-stroke motorcycles user, when he/she purchases engine oil, generally can choose the price inexpensive engine oil, rather than choose a price expensive and low smoke engine oil, thus this thesis conducts the discussion research supplies of quantity in view of the engine oil.
The study uses the microcomputer control mode supplies adequate amount of engine oil to make up the shortcoming of the mechanical type oil pump. The consequence is the reduce oil consumption. Therefore the exhaust of white smoke is decreased. The study uses 50㏄ air-cooling engine and conducts the experimental study on the power gauge.
The study indicted that increase(or decrease) engine oil supply suddenly would not result in the increase(or decrease) of smoke simultaneously. It implied that the residue oil along with waste gas would be stored in the exhaust muffle. In contrast of mechanical type supply system, when power setting was selected in full load (smoke 1%) and rotational speed were 2000rpm, 3000rpm, 4000rpm, 5000rpm, 6000rpm, that made quantity of oil supplies as low as 29.2﹪, 34.8 ﹪, 47.1 ﹪, 62.7 ﹪and 81.8 ﹪respectly. It was determined that mechanical type of oil supply system of two-stroke motorcycles overfeed the system. When lower the rotational speed, it made the situation became severely. To reduce exhaust amount of the white smoke and supplying the adequate oil quantity control via the control stick angle of the microcomputer control. Therefore the oil consumption is reduced for mechanical type oil supply system.
In the findings also discovered when the microcomputer control mode adjusted oil supply quantity, the discharges HC/CO has also decreased. And it would be more apparent when full power setting is selected.
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