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標題: NACA機翼系列作簡諧擺盪時渦漩結構特性之探討
The Investigations of Vortical Structure for NACA Series Airfoil by the Effect of S.H.M.
作者: 潘建良
Liang, Pan Jiann
關鍵字: Vortical structure;渦漩;dimensionless pitching frequency;dynamic stall;pitching S.H.M.;無因次俯仰頻率;動態失速;俯仰簡諧運動
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究是以實驗方法探討NACA系列機翼作大振幅週期性俯仰運動時,針對不同翼形與攻角下之近翼面、翼面上方其流場結構特性之渦漩潰散位置與發展模式作一探討分析。本實驗於開放式風洞中進行,模型為NACA0012、NACA0015、NACA0018等機翼,以機翼1/4弦長為中心作5度,10度及15度振幅的俯仰運動。實驗自由流速為2m/sec,對應雷諾數為1.5×104。機翼俯仰頻率為0.5 Hz。

In this study, an experimental method was used to visualize the flow structure and vortex breakdown at the upper of NACA series airfoils for the different model type and angle of attack with large amplitude pitching motion. This experiment was proceeded by the open-type wind tunnel, the model type were NACA0012, NACA0015, NACA0018 airfoil, the pitching motion center was at 1/4 chord length and pitching amplitude were 50, 100, and 150. The free stream velocity is 2 m/sec, Reynolds number is 1.5104, and the frequency of pitching is 0.5Hz.
In this study, we investigate the flow phenomenon at different NACA series airfoils model by flow visualization and observe appearing, growth, movement, and breakdown of the dynamic stall vortex from the leading edge. The results of this experiment shows that the flow vortex structure were change with different airfoil models and different pitching amplitude. The time and position of appearing vortex were change when the CR was increased. The effects of S.H.M. on NACA airfoils will make the boundary layers strongly reciprocation, the separated flow reattach to the surface of airfoil again, increasing the momentum of the flow upper of the airfoil. Therefore, the location of separation flow will delay when the S.H.M. of large magnitude is proceeded.
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