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標題: 氣壓動力模型飛機之研發
R&D of Pressurized Air Powered Model Aircraft
作者: 曾遠峰
關鍵字: model plane;模型飛機;air engine;propeller;氣動力引擎;螺旋槳
出版社: 機械工程學系

Though the size of model plane is smaller and the speed is slower, but the principles of flight are the same as real airplanes. The model airplanes are generally powered by internal-combustion engine or electricity. If using
pressurized air as the power source, we can control the flow for the air engine to rotate the propeller in order to attain thrust. So long as there are sufficient thrust and the wing lift, then a model plane to soar in the sky without oil or electricity could be developed. If we use the carbonated beverage (PET) bottle as the pressure container for this model aircraft, with high strength for resisting pressure, small size and streamline appearance, it can be made a good flying vehicle. For improving the flying performance, we must recognize these factors that influence the plane flies such as weight, lift, drag and thrust. Moreover, if we attempt continuous steady flight, we should also consider the stability of the plane; the stabilizer and fin can control the pitch and the yaw of flight, and dihedral wing can control the roll. The shapes of airfoil and planform, aspect ratio, the c.g. position to the plane, high wing, middle wing, or low wing etc. all are the problems that should be solved in the research-process. The engine is the heart of a plane, the performance of the engine influences the fortune of whole airplane design, although the air engine for this experiment plane has basic functions, there are still rooms for improvement. Therefore, to develop a more advanced air engine is a focal point in the future, though we have accomplished the stage of preliminary flight experiment already. To improve engine performance and pressurized air power source in order to extend flight range, and design of aileron, elevator and rudder, and etc. with R/C control will greatly enhance the science and interest level of this kind of aircraft and also the potential development of future market.
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