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標題: 非線性滑動模式控制於汽油引擎怠速控制之研究
nonlinear sliding mode control for the idle speed control of automotive
作者: 廖文傑
關鍵字: sliding mode;滑動模式;idle speed control;nonlinear;怠速控制;汽油引擎動態模式;控制器設計
出版社: 機械工程學系
擎轉速控制中,為維持引擎轉速的穩定性及符合預期轉速,本文使用滑動模式技術(sliding mode control techniques)作為控制器設計程序,在發展過程中假設只有引擎轉速與進氣歧管壓力是控制的唯一可用變數,並假設外部負載扭矩對引擎產生的干擾是未知的。

This study is proposed to establish technology and methodology
for idle speed control in gasoline internal combustion engine . The control method was used personal computer and through series port to combine microchip 8051 to pick engine revolution speed. After data was processed by computer ,the control could achieve by parallel port to adjust engine revolution speed. Applyed above control method in the practical engine test and constructed an analysis mode.
A controller design procedure base on sliding model techniques is presented for speed control in an automotive engine. It is assumed that only the engine speed and manifold pressure measurements are available to the control law. It is assumed that the load torque disturbance on the engine is not known. It is shown that the sliding mode controller can achieve the full range of set point speeds.
The sliding mode control methods are developed to design systems which have the desired dynamic behavior and are robust with respect to perturbations.In sliding mode control the design consists of two steps. Firstly, choice of the sliding surface (s) and secondly the selection of a reachability condition to design the control.
With different external load and measure engine revolution speed.
That We can analysis engine dynamics and the influence of control mode and parameter. According this performance engineer can evaluate the variation in engine dynamic performance and control strategy. to ensure engine stability. At the same time help engineers improve design and shorten test time.
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